Our workshops combine the latest research with insights from Erik’s coaching practice. New workshops are added periodically but can also be custom designed based on client needs.

Workshops/group coaching sessions are presented to your teams at your business or on retreats.

The typical workshop lasts for 7 hours. However, we can also accommodate half-day and 90-minute workshops.

Workshops currently available:

  • Cultivating a High Performance State of Mind – The intersection of high-performance, attention, and mental toughness.
    • Take-aways:
      • Understanding high-performance through the lens of productivity, potential, and intention. (Why it matters)
      • The factors that influence high-performance.
      • Understanding the dimensions of attention and how to shift your focus depending on what needs to be done.
      • The pattern of high-performance.
      • Clarity around your values and character skills and how to best utilize this information to help you succeed.
      • The role of mental toughness in high-performance (and how to cultivate it).
      • Framing and re-framing of situations to help you move through challenges effortlessly.
      • Using certain triggers to theme and power your thinking and behaviours.
      • Pre-performance rituals for an optimal state of mind.

Feedback from workshop attendees

Would recommend it to a friend 100%
Useful content 80%
Overall Experience 85%
Workshop exceeded or matched my expectations 100%

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