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There is an important ingredient that’s relevant to both leadership and our ability to influence others.

I won’t leave you in suspense.

The ingredient is – presence.

Presence is a difficult phenomenon to pin down. Yet, we all know what it looks like and what it feels like. We have all experienced it at some point.

Life & business is a series of rooms that we enter into. In these rooms we create friendships, sign deals, negotiate terms, enter into conflict, set goals, work in teams, give big talks, lead, manage and much more. If you do not enter into these rooms with a powerful presence then you will always be second.

If you are not playing to win then you might as well stop reading.

However, if you are serious about winning, let’s talk.

I have developed a framework called Presence7.

The thing to understand is that presence is something experienced by everyone in the room but it gets created by everything that you do outside of the room.

Now before you think that presence is only about the way you look and talk. It’s not.

It has a lot more to do with your inner game than anything else. The way you walk and talk becomes a natural consequence of the way you think and the beliefs you foster.

Whether you are selling or leading, you need to cultivate a presence that inspires trust, projects a mature confidence, and shows those around you that you can get the job done.

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3 Months and 6 sessions later and I can truly say I feel like a different person. Personally, I feel amazing and my business has never been better. Erik is amazing at what he does.

Geo Botha
Bovest, Director

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