High-Performance Coaching

My name is Erik Kruger. I am a Mental Performance Coach & Thinking Partner to top executives and entrepreneurs. I specialise in working with individuals with power, status, a high drive for achievement, and functioning in a pressurised environment.

Mental Performance Coaching is specifically designed for individuals who want to become more intentional, effective, and present in their lives. It’s a 10-week commitment that will leave you with powerful insights.

How it works

  • When you apply for coaching you will have an initial meeting with Erik – around 30 minutes long – to discuss what coaching entails and to align expectations.
  • Once your spot is confirmed you will meet with Erik for a 60-minute session every second week. This means that the initial coaching engagement runs over 10 weeks and consists of 5 sessions.
  • All meetings are held digitally using Zoom. So you can enroll in coaching from anywhere in the world.
  • Every session takes the form of a facilitated conversation. The program is customised to the challenges you are facing and the areas you want to develop.
  • Coaching is about learning, uncovering, and exploring. During coaching sessions, you will be doing most of the talking and thinking with Erik as your facilitator and thinking partner.

Who My Coaching Is For:

In my experience my clients seek out my coaching for the following reasons:

  • They want to feel supported as high-performance and top leadership can often leave them feeling isolated.
  • They want to feel challenged. The people around them admire them for what they have achieved however they know that they have much more to give.
  • They want to stress test their perceptions and value the gift of looking at ideas from different angles.
  • They want to be more deliberate about their actions and personal development.
  • They are motivated to go bigger and faster.
  • They are thought leaders who want to share an impactful message. 

Topics Typically Covered

In each session, we work on what you deem to be important. Challenges that I typically assist clients with include:

  • Eliminating people pleasing behaviours and becoming more assertive.
  • Developing a powerful presence in the way they lead and interact with others.
  • Improving communication within professional and personal relationships.
  • Creating pre-performance rituals for improved performance in business.
  • Managing pressure, anxiety, and negativity whilst maintaining performance.
  • Improved thinking and clarity for the challenges you face.
  • Getting off autopilot and becoming more intentional with their lives.

What You Get

  • The initial coaching commitment is for 5 sessions, spanning 10 weeks.
  • All sessions are recorded for you to access and re-listen to.
  • Email access to Erik for any questions you might have.

Outcome Of The Program

This 10-week program has the potential to make a profound impact on your life.

Not only will it make you more aware of your unconscious programming and allow you to change it but you will be held accountable for making behavioural and mental changes that produce a distinctly different outcome in all domains of your life. However, the actual outcome depends on you.

Coaching only works if you put in the effort and if you are serious about change, self-examination, and the coaching process.

Coaching Program Cost

The total cost of the program is €1600 /$1700 / £1500 / R16,000

If you are interested in coaching then please fill out the form below and we will be in touch to schedule an informal 20-minute intro call. On the call you get to better understand how coaching can assist you in achieving your goals and improving your performance.

How can we help you?

Contact us to see how we can help you or your organisation excel.

3 Months and 6 sessions later and I can truly say I feel like a different person. Personally, I feel amazing and my business has never been better. Erik is amazing at what he does.

Geo Botha
Bovest, Director

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