ceo ascent

CEO Ascent is for CEO’s & Founders that value personal development, a strong and relevant network of peers, and the clarity that comes from taking action.

The role of CEO or leader of a company is quite unique. You have to contend with challenges and pressure that few other can understand.

The top can be quite isolating because you feel like you cannot communicate your internal struggles to employees because you fear that they might perceive you as weak.You don’t receive clear and honest feedback about your own development and performance.

At the end of the day your role as CEO is to drive results.

There are multiple layers to CEO Ascent:

The Workshops

We host workshops that typically run for 3-4 hours on topics that leaders care about.

The Coaching

Erik Kruger works exclusively with executives and entrepreneurs in coaching to help them understand and improve their thinking and behaviour in the context of performance & leadership.

The Retreats

The flagship of CEO Ascent is a weekend long retreat focused on meaningful (dis)connection.

This means that we:

  • Disconnect. (No technology. Yes, we all desperately need this.)
  • Connect (To yourself, your vision and mission, your peers)
  • Upgrade (Your thinking, your beliefs, your winning strategy)
  • Recharge (Braai. Play Poker. Do game drives. Clay pigeon shooting. And more)

Do not be fooled. This is an intense weekend of workshops and activities designed to help you raise your game.

Ultimately we are rallying a community of executives/entrepreneurs that create more value for themselves, their businesses, and everyone around them.

Space for all of our offerings are extremely limited so make sure to join the mailing list if you are an executive or founder in a business that is doing more than R1m per annum.

Acta Non Verba,


How can we help you?

Contact us to see how we can help you or your organisation excel.

3 Months and 6 sessions later and I can truly say I feel like a different person. Personally, I feel amazing and my business has never been better. Erik is amazing at what he does.

Geo Botha
Bovest, Director