High-Performance. High-Potential.

A six-session coaching plan that helps individuals to improve their performance and raise their potential.

The HP2 Coaching Plan - January 2019 Intake

The HP2 Coaching Plan is specifically designed for individuals who want to become more intentional, effective, and present in their lives. Developed by High-Performance Coach, Erik Kruger, HP2 is a 12-week program guaranteed to leave you with powerful insights.

How it works:

  • When you enroll for the program you will have an initial meeting with Erik – around 20 minutes long – to discuss what the program entails and to align expectations.
  • Once your spot is confirmed you will meet with Erik for 60 minutes every second week. This means that the program runs over 12 weeks and consists of 6 sessions.
  • All meetings are held digitally using Zoom. This means that you can enroll for this program from anywhere in the world.
  • Every session takes the form of a facilitated conversation. The different topics that will be discussed can be found lower on this page.
  • Coaching is about learning, uncovering, and exploring. So, during the session you will be doing most of the talking and thinking with Erik as your guide and thinking partner.
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Program Outline

Session One

The first session is about understanding and defining high-performance and high-potential in the context of your own life.

Session Two

The invisible process that drives success. In this session we talk about Accretion – how it looks in your life and how to better control the process.

Session Three

The invisible driver behind behavior and decision-making. In this session we uncover and examine your values and character skills.

Session Four

ATTN – Attention is the currency of high-performance. How you spend it matters. In this session I introduce you to a model for understanding and directing attention.

Session Five

This is dedicated to developing mental toughness. There are many challenges that we face along our journey, not allowing them to derail us is what determines success.

Session Six

The wrap-up. After doing a review of how far you have come, the lessons and insights learnt, we spend time completing the picture of HP2.

HP2 Investment

John SaneiTrend specialist, Global Speaker

John Sanei is a trend specialist, business innovation strategist, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. He lives in Cape Town and consults globally to top brands and businesses among a wide range of industries.

HP2 Investment
15000 R
or R5000 paid monthly for 3 months

  • This includes the initial 20 minute call.
  • All 6 coaching sessions.
  • Recordings of the sessions.
  • Access to Erik in-between sessions via email.

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