Company overview

The Mental Performance Lab is a coaching and consulting powerhouse in the space of high-performance.

Erik Kruger has been coaching since 2016 and in 2017 started his Masters degree in Business and Executive Coaching. After working with some of the most successful entrepreneurs and execs he has now founded the Mental Performance Lab.

The MPL offers various coaching and training offerings to help leaders and their teams perform at their peak potential.

We work across multiple disciplines (sports, business, personal) but have a narrow focus on what it takes to perform at your highest level, become mentally tough, and develop your thinking and behavior in the context of your goals.

Our mission

Our aim is to help leaders and organisations to better understand the thinking and behaviours that drive high-performance, potential, and achievement.

Founder - Erik Kruger

erik kruger
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3 Months and 6 sessions later and I can truly say I feel like a different person. Personally, I feel amazing and my business has never been better. Erik is amazing at what he does.

Geo Botha
Bovest, Director